About us

The revelation of the jewelry box

I am Valérie, the founder of SARAVALLI. I have Chilean origins, but I was born in Montreal, Canada. My story with creating jewelry started during my teenage years, I was very passionate about everything in the artistic world; photography, drawing, painting and so on. One day, I discovered the creation of jewelry.

I then started to invest a lot in this hobby. Then, after a few tries, I felt ready for the challenge. I offered my first creation to my mother, a necklace. . When she was not wearing it, She would store it in her jewelry box. I remember How I payed attention to her jewlery when she would get ready for a date. The years passed & I quietly abandoned this passion to make way for other projects.

10 years later, I was visiting my mother, I rediscovered this famous little jewelry box. As I examined each of her jewels, I found myself holding the famous necklace I had created for her in my hands. A lot of memories went through my head & from that moment I decided to invest myself again, but this time in a much more serious way to have the chance to give my collection a possibility to be part of your memories & your own story. ♥

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